What is Sant Mat?

Sant Mat is an age-old, spiritual way of life that includes developing respect, trust, and love for all and discovering our full potential as true human beings. It is a lifestyle in harmony with higher values that nurtures our soul through meditation—the regular contact with the inner light and sound. This contact is made available through a living spiritual teacher...

Learning the Sant Mat lifestyle is always free of charge and is offered in a spirit of compassion and service. Millions worldwide from diverse cultures practice this way of life.

The Sant Mat Lifestyle

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The benefits of the Sant Mat lifestyle include increased inner strength, peace, and clarity. One discovers greater compassion and understanding, a sense of service to humanity, and further insight into one's purpose in life.

The goal of Sant Mat is for us to become true human beings, to know our self as soul, and to realize our oneness with the Creator.

Sant Baljit Singh

Sant Baljit Singh

Spiritual Master

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"Step into the wide-open cosmos and start a new way of life. Lose yourself in the love of God and become enchanted with him. There is only one purpose in life. Once you absorb yourself in his love you will have no reason to leave his lap. The truth is within, not outside."
— Sant Baljit Singh

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