Johannesburg, Gauteng Meditation Groups

Meditation groups provide new meditators a wonderful opportunity to meditate along with others who have already found the benefits of the meditation and to find community in its practice. The meditation groups meet for two hours, where one hour is dedicated to the theoretical aspects of Sant Mat through readings or a video lecture by the Master. The other hour is dedicated to the practice of Sant Mat, the meditation on inner light and sound.

Attendance at Meditation groups is free of charge and all are invited. In order to participate during the hour of meditation, we ask that you first be formally instructed in this Sant Mat practice.

Sunday 10h00 amJohannesburg North, Fourways


Contact People: Johannesburg, Gauteng

The following contact people are glad to answer any questions regarding Sant Mat and how to learn the meditation, as well as provide dates and times for future programs.

Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Spiritual Representatives: South Africa

The spiritual representatives of Sant Baljit Singh are available to answer any questions. These representatives act as official contacts for information about Sant Mat and Sant Baljit Singh in their respective area.

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Sant Baljit Singh

Sant Baljit Singh

Master of Sant Mat

What is Sant Mat?

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