Who is Sant Baljit Singh?

"Know Thyself" has been the theme of all the Masters who have come so far. To know who you are and what you are is the most important thing before us. Those who have known themselves, call them "Masters" or any name you like, are able to not only put us on the way, but give us experience of the way, the Way of Life.

Sant Baljit Singh teaches the ancient, natural science of Sant Mat. Sant Mat studies our spiritual side and our relation with the source of creation, or God. Its foundation lies in verifying spiritual principles through personal experience of our true self, or soul, by meditiation.

Sant Mat is inherently a practical path, which enables us to realize ourselves as soul and to find God. In descriptions of Sant Mat two basic principles are mentioned which are indispensible, namely: the competent living Master and regular meditation on inner Light and Sound.

Today the path is conveyed by the competent living Master, Sant Baljit Singh.

Sant Baljit Singh

Sant Baljit Singh

Spiritual Master

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"Step into the wide-open cosmos and start a new way of life. Lose yourself in the love of God and become enchanted with him. There is only one purpose in life. Once you absorb yourself in his love you will have no reason to leave his lap. The truth is within, not outside."
— Sant Baljit Singh

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