Sant Thakar Singh

Sant Thakar Singh himself tells us
From childhood on I had an inclination to read the scriptures.
I had gone through almost all the scriptures of Indian mythology and the Bible, but I was especially attracted to the Adi Granth, because it was written by the Masters themselves who were working at the level of soul, not at the level of body, mind and intellect.
In all those scriptures it was very clearly written that we are souls and belong to God, that there is no other place for us, that our true home is with God.
But before initiation I could not understand the true meaning of these scriptures, nor did their meaning enter my heart.
After being initiated by my Master, when he had awakened me as soul, I was able to really understand the scriptures because real knowledge and wisdom come directly from God to the soul.
Soul is receptive to God. After initiation God can use your soul to teach your heart, to teach you, to explain to you and to bless you without any interference or confusion from intellect and mind.