Although each one of us is aware of this reality of “being born and having to die” and can see it manifesting everywhere around us, our lifestyle in no way reflects any awareness of it. In fact, it seems hard for us to imagine a time when we were not yet born or a time when we will no longer exist. How is this possible? What creates this blind spot in us? What is the driving force for our limitless addiction for superlatives, our endless quest for “more” ? Most of the time, we cannot even say what it is that we want more of. It is the faint reflection in us of a higher and much more important reality of our human existence, the principle of the eternal existing soul.
To realize ourselves, to recognize our own innate nature and to start searching for our true Home so that we may find our eternal life, we will have to tread the path back to God.
As God is One, the way back to Him can also only be one. This way is made by God Himself and therefore is the most ancient and most natural way: the connection with the active God-Power. It is the only possibility of attaining God-realization.
Sant Mat, which translated means “the Holy Path”, is inherently a practical path. In descriptions of Sant Mat two basic principles are mentioned which are indispensable, namely:
the competent living Master  and
regular meditation on inner Light
  and inner Sound.

Two major helping factors can speed up our inner progress:
an ethical lifestyle
selfless service.

It is important to find a competent living Master who imparts the everlasting inner connection of the soul with God and who will guide us further until we have reached our goal - oneness with God.
The Master teaches that our inner life is not to be confused with the outer life and that we have to add the higher life of soul to our normal worldly life. The soul is connected to the God-Power.
“God is love, and love is God. He is continuously helping you, serving you and making you like His own self. This is the love of Father God.”
The teachings of the Master are not dogmatic. He says: "Go inside and see for yourself".